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The Green Shop

The Green Shop story is a great one.  In September 2010 Two wonderful women took their precious time to open and create The Green Shop, Carole Williamson and Sandie Buckles.  Thanks to their ethos and spirit, we are still here years later serving our community.

Every day we are amazed by the generosity of donations we receive, hence why we can stock such wonderful items in the shop, the clothes are like new!




Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, we are currently only

open mornings until 1pm each day until further notice. 

 9.30am until 1pm Monday to Saturday.



Friday 21st May 2021

We are now taking donations every morning as from Friday 21st May 2021.

Due to previously receiving an overwhelming amount of donations we are now starting a booking in service for larger donations of 5 bags and over (boxes too).  This is so we can accept all donations without disruption.

  If you could please call the shop during opening hours or email us to arrange your delivery, that would be most welcome.  Unfortunately if no booking has taken place and we are at capacity we will have no choice but to turn your donations away, of which we do not wish to do.

Please may we also remind you all that Face Masks are STILL required by law to be worn whilst visiting the shop unless you have excemption. Also our Hand Santiser is hospital Grade and must also be used before entering the shop.  This is to protect you and our precious volunteers.   

Our email is:

our telephone number is:     0560 3874811

As of Tuesday 11th May 2021 we are unable to take ANY donations until further notice. Please give your items to another charity shop, or wait until we can accept donations again.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

04/05/21 We are now taking donations normally every morning only at present.  We do still have boxes and bags if you require them, but being sealed for infection control is no longer an issue.

Please scroll down to see the list of everything we accept and what we can’t accept. 


WE Will be reopening on the 12th April 2021 


Our Normal Opening Times:

Mon – 9.30 – 4.30   Tue –  9.30 – 4.30   Wed – 9.30 – 1pm    Thu –  9.30 – 4.30   Fri –    9.30 – 4.30   Sat –    9.30 – 1pm


As from Friday 24th July 2020 Facemasks are now Mandatory and must be worn when visiting the shop.  This is to safeguard our customers and our valuable volunteers.  Excemptions apply to under 11 years of age and proof of excemption from doctor.

As of May 2021 this is still mandatory and law that Facemasks must be worn in ALL shops.

We have now MOVED!!!!!

January 2020 sees us move into another wonderful building, this is a little younger than the Victorian shop within the Colonnade, We are now in the original Car Garage opposite, which was built in 1903, then later became a motorbike garage, a discount shop, then a furniture shop.

Now and hopefully for many years to come The Green Shop

The Shop is managed by Marianne Relf  and assistant Amy Langley (whilst being on Maternity leave we’ve added to the team with Tracey Mason)  We currently have 18 volunteers whom we rely on to take care of our amazing customers every single day.   We are very flexible and some of our volunteers like to work set days, whilst others slot in between their other commitments. Volunteers are always welcome and if you would like to help in the Shop do pop in and talk to Marianne and ask for an application form.

What do we sell in The Green Shop?

Well, almost everything we’re donated!!! although we now accepte small items of furniture, nothing large I’m afraid.  Unfortunately we do receive items that cost us to dispose of! so please think before giving to us, or alternatively pop into the shop beforehand and ask for Recycling Bags and a leaflet which will give you an idea of what to donate and what to put in your own bin! This saves an enormous amount of time and money!

Our Recycling:

Due to an increase in unsalable items being donated to our shop we have been forced to seek refuse collection and this is now costing the charity. So please check the list below:

We Accept: 

Clothes, clean and intact for resale, Clothes for recycling
Linen, clean and intact for resale, Linen for recycling
Shoes, clean and intact for resale, Shoes for recycling
Books, clean and intact for resales, Books for recycling
Handbags, clean and intact for resale, Handbags for recycling
Kitchen Items clean and intact for sale
Electrical items, clean, working and intact for resale
Home items, clean, intact and ready for resale

We do NOT Accept: 

Broken or incomplete Toys
Duvets, pillows, unless they are brand new in packaging
Incomplete Jigsaws, VHS tapes and cassette tapes
Chipped, unsalable china
Large items of Furniture
Broken picture frames, ruined unsalable pictures
Coat Hangers, Knives, Guns (even toy) Swords etc
Anything containing feathers (due to Health and Hygiene)
Electrical Items that do not work, incomplete or filthy
Car seats and children’s crash helmets for bikes, skateboards etc. Due to Health and Safety

All these items and many more can be disposed of in the Green bin outside your home, or taken to the recycling centre at Wadhurst or Battle.


So when you have spare time, pop in and introduce yourself to the Green Shop, the rooms, the quality of the items and the reason why we are open! To Raise Money for the Community of Hawkhurst as the League of Friends.

What we do?

Since opening the funds generated have allowed us to purchase, Cryotherapy equipment, costing £2000 (used for treating warts and such-like) which is kept at North Ridge Surgery, an Automated External Defibrillator (to treat heart attacks) for the Hawkhurst Community First Responder team (previously one was shared with Cranbrook!), costing £1000, and a Bath Hoist for the Hospital, costing £5000.

What is probably not known is that we also contributed £5000 towards the cost of the new children’s play equipment in Heartenoak Road, and we have an on-going commitment to provide a selection of daily newspapers for the Day Centre at the Hospital.

We have provided the District Nurses of Cranbrook and Hawkhurst with some much needed equipment and books.

The Trustees are delighted that we are able to make a positive contribution to both the Hospital and health of our local community, which includes the surrounding villages.

To volunteer: Please speak to Marianne in The Green Shop and ask for an Application form.  Please remember you do need to be over 14 to volunteer with us.  We also welcome Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer Students. 

To contact us:
Address: The Green Shop, Rye Road, Hawkhurst, TN18 4EP
Phone: 0560 3874811
Facebook: Hawkhurst Community Hospital League of Friends

 Facebook:  The Green Shop HCH