Registered Charity Number: 252641

The Green Shop

As the traditional fund raising activities for the League of Friends had changed in recent years the Trustees felt it was necessary to find an additional income stream to supplement that which had previously been enjoyed. With the enthusiastic support and involvement of Carole Williamson and Sandie Buckles and many volunteers we opened THE GREEN SHOP in the Colonnade at Hawkhurst in September 2010.

The Shop is now managed by Marianne Relf and Christine Davey and is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm every day except Wednesday and Saturday when it closes at 1pm. We currently have 26 volunteers whom we can call on, and they range in age from 16 to 86 years! We are very flexible and some of our volunteers like to work set days, whilst others slot in between their other commitments. Volunteers are always welcome and if you would like to help in the Shop do pop in and talk to Marieanne.

We sell an average of 82 items a day, which earns us about £170. Most customers buy 2 or 3 items, which equates to approximately 27 customers per day! The success of the shop means that we have a never ending requirement for your unwanted clothes and bric-a-brac. Even if you have clothes, shoes and handbags or other items that are worn out, we can salvage them for cash, and that brings us in about another £100 a week.

Since opening the funds generated have allowed us to purchase, Cryotherapy equipment, costing £2000 (used for treating warts and such-like) which is kept at North Ridge Surgery, an Automated External Defibrillator (to treat heart attacks) for the Hawkhurst Community First Responder team (previously one was shared with Cranbrook!), costing £1000, and a Bath Hoist for the Hospital, costing £5000.

What is probably not known is that we also contributed £5000 towards the cost of the new children’s play equipment in Heartenoak Road, and we have an on-going commitment to provide a selection of daily newspapers for the Day Centre at the Hospital.

More recently we have agreed to finance Tai Chi classes for the in-patients at the Hospital, and we have provided the District Nurses of Cranbrook and Hawkhurst with some much needed equipment and books.

The Trustees are delighted that we are able to make a positive contribution to both the Hospital and health of our local community, which includes the surrounding villages.

If you have not yet visited The Green Shop, please do so, it is bigger than it looks, the quality of the goods is very high and upstairs there is a large area devoted to books.

To volunteer: Please speak to Marianne or Christine in The Green Shop.

To contact us:
Address: 7 The Colonnade, Rye Road, Hawkhurst, TN18 4ES
Phone: 01580 752768
Facebook: Hawkhurst Community Hospital League of Friends