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Hawkhurst League of Friends

Vision statement

Welcome to the Hawkhurst Community Hospital League of Friends. Having been formed in 1967 with the distinct aim of supporting the work and development of  the community hospital we have diversified and now offer support to the surrounding community.

Our vision is to create a support network across Hawkhurst and surrounding villages for people who are providing care for those in need or finding it difficult to provide for their families.

The Green Shop, in the village of Hawkhurst, is the jewel in our crown – it raises funds from donations for several different initiatives in particular the WRAP day centre for those suffering with dementia.

The future of the NHS will see more care being provided in people’s homes and by the community and we expect the League of Friends to play a leading role in that support and care.

Dr. Clive Dewing
  • Objectives

    The main objective of the League of Friends is the provision of those extras and luxuries that the NHS does not provide for it’s patients and those caring for them.
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  • Hospital Services

    The Hospital is primarily focused on providing rehabilitation care for inpatients from both the acute sector and directly from people’s homes. Admission is always via the NHS route.
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  • Become a member

    If you would like to become a member of the Hawkhurst Community Hospital League of Friends for as little as £10 per annum, please follow the link below and download the application form.

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